Gerardo Perez Capdevila
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GERARDO PEREZ CAPDEVILA  was born in Guantanamo, Cuba, on June
30, 1965, based in USA, at 8 years old, began his music studies. His
teachers: Jose A. Ramirez, Aldo Rodriguez, Victor Pellegrini, and Jesus
Ortega, leading to his graduation as “Licentiate in Music with
Specialization in Guitar”. Gerardo had master classes with the teachers
Costas Cotsiolis (Greece), David Russell (Great Britain), Eliot Fisk (USA),
and Hector Garcia  (Cuba).  As a teacher, Gerardo was a member of the
National School of Music of Havana, Cuba; of the School of Music of
Zacatecas's Autonomous University, Mexico; of the Conservatoire Milan,
Laredo Institute of Cochabamba, Bolivia; and the Miami Conservatory of 
Music in the United States. His pupils have obtained more than 20
national prizes besides having been accepted in several European's and
American’s conservatoires. Gerardo has obtained five national prizes in
Cuba, besides seven international awards in Poland, Germany,
Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, Chile, and France. In 1992, in Martinique,
Gerardo obtained the “First Prize of Composition” with the work
“Hemistiquio” for guitar, which he co-authored with Jorge L. Sosa.
Gerardo has performed in several countries of  the American Continent
and Europe. He performed in the world premiere as a soloist of  “Concert
for Guitar and Orchestra”  by the Spaniard composer  Carlos Cruz de
Castro in Havana, Cuba. In USA  2015, he performed as a soloist with the
Charlotte Symphony Orchestra in Florida, the Heitor Villa-Lobos’s
Concerto; and the Manuel Ponce’s Concerto with the Toledo Symphony
Orchestra in Ohio. Gerardo has also recorded a CD called "Sedruol"
besides a segment for the Bolivian movie "The day that the silence died.”
In 1997, the periodical  “Editorial Música Mundana Maqueda SL” of
Madrid, Spain, published "13 pieces" of the Bolivian author Willy Claure,
which were adapted for solo guitar by Gerardo Perez. In 2001, Gerardo
founded the “National Festival and Competition of Guitar-Cochabamba-
Bolivia.” The guitarist Eliot Fisk (USA), commented on Gerardo: "Mr.
Perez possesses a virtuous technique and a natural musicality that
delight the audience."
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